You can view resource utilization of your currently running nodes. Simply click on the Grids menu from your Flood dashboard:

Select the grid.

Then scroll down on the pane on the right side of the screen.

This will give you information about the grid including region, infrastructure, up time and estimated stop time including resource utilization pictured below.

Info Tab

CPU Usage

The total percent of time the CPU spent running the kernel, user space processes, handling interrupts and IO wait operations.


The amount of physical RAM used as a fraction of the total, shown as a percentage.

IO Utilization

The total percent of the time that all devices were busy, not idle.

The chart’s orange range is +80%. Anything sustained above that will risk compromising your flood load test results. In particular, you should aim to keep your CPU and Memory usage below 80%

Nodes Tab

The nodes tab gives you the information on currently running grid nodes and the IP address for the nodes in the selected grid. You can reboot individual nodes from this tab.

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