CSV results which form the basis of charts in the UI can be downloaded at the completion of a flood load test by clicking on the gear icon and selecting CSV Results.


This will produce a CSV file with the following headers:

  • Time rounded is the measured period, typically 15 seconds.
  • Measurement string to indicate what value is being measured.
  • Label string to indicate if this is a specific transaction measurement or a global measurement (__all).
  • Grid string to indicate the short name of the grid.
  • Region string to indicate which region the grid ran from.
  • Value integer which the measurement has aggregated, see below.


 Values are context sensitive to measurements, for the measured period (15 seconds) as follows:

  • failed is the sum total of failed transactions.
  • passed is the sum total of passed transactions.
  • response_time is the average response time in milliseconds.
  • concurrency is the maximum concurrent users of all transactions.
  • throughput is the sum total of bytes of all transactions.
  • transaction_rate is the sum total of all transactions.
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