Sometimes a customer does not see any archived results listed for an already completed Flood. This can be an issue as the archived results effectively hold all the raw data for a test across each load generation node.

We currently enforce a rule where the Grid duration time gives precedence over any test duration set. This is because a customer is paying for Grid time not the time a test takes to complete.

If we didn't have this rule - we could potentially be running up massive charges for a customer's test that was stuck in an infinite loop due to a scripting mistake. Surprise, surprise - we don't like bill shock and neither do our customers.

The rule of thumb is that if you want to run a test for 30 minutes - your Grid ideally needs to start as soon as the Grid is available and online otherwise It's a bit of a gamble whether you get your archived results or not with starting a Grid before-hand and then waiting a couple of minutes to start your test.

 You will need to either set the Grid duration longer (greater than 30 minutes) or start the grid when you are setting up the test as follows:

This will ensure the Flood starts as soon as the Grid is available instead of waiting a potential 1-2 minutes to start manually.

Unfortunately if the archived results aren't saved due to inadequate time for shutdown related processes (i.e. saving these archives to s3 storage) then there's not much we can do about restoring these archives.

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