We have two different types of plans depending on your needs.

For most projects, the Teams plans will be sufficient. This type is more cost-efficient for smaller teams or short-term projects, because it allows you to get up and running quickly without much setup. When you spin up a node on the Teams plans, we provision you a machine on our AWS account. This helps you run your tests without worrying about other costs. All costs on Teams plans are inclusive of AWS instance provisioning costs, so you have the convenience of having just one bill to pay from Flood.

Pricing for Teams is charged per node hour and can be found on our Pricing page. We also have a guide to help you figure out how many node hours you need.

You can set up Teams plans yourself by signing up and then going to your Subscriptions page to select your plan and enter your payment details.

The Enterprise plans are for larger teams or longer-term projects with more testing assets and complex requirements. Enterprise plans have several additional features that Teams plans don't:

Enterprise plans are only available annually and start at $30,000 a year. To inquire about switching to an enterprise plan, please contact us on chat or support@flood.io so that we can connect you with an account manager to discuss your needs or answer any other pricing questions you may have.

For more information, check out our original announcement of the Enterprise Packages.

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