Getting JMeter

JMeter can be downloaded here and typically you can start JMeter using the jmeter.cmd or scripts located in the downloaded archive bin directory.

Creating a Test Plan

Once you have created or downloaded our basic test plan and saved it locally as a .jmx file, you can upload this to Tricentis Flood to create your first Flood test.

Creating a Flood Test

After you login to Tricentis Flood you can click the "+" icon or from your Floods dashboard you can click the "New Flood" button to create a new Flood.

In the new Flood form, add the .jmx test plan you created using JMeter to the Files input and select a Grid to run your Flood test on. You can optionally set the "Name" or "Tags" to help identify the test in your dashboard.

Parameterizing a Flood Test

You can parameterize your flood with reusable settings such as number of threads, rampup or duration. Our basic test plan already has these plus host, protocol, port and path coded into the template for you to use. You can override additional parameters as needed.

Start your Flood Test

Simply click the "Launch Flood" button to launch your test.

You will be redirected to a Flood report which will show you results in real time from the test you just executed on the chosen Grid.

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